About Us

Mississippi local builders, roofers, and remodelers

At B&M, our specialty roofing services fit the needs of any residential client. We take a personal approach when we work with our customers to design and build something you truly want. Whether it’s a new or renovated roof or ice dam protection, we take great care and pride in the work we do for you. As local roofers, our mission is to handle our customers’ roofing projects with dedication and commitment. We believe this begins from our first conversation with you about your project. Our services provide everything you need to complete the project from start to finish. We will take care of you during every step of the process.

B&M Hours

Monday........ 9AM - 5PM
Tuesday........ 9AM - 5PM
Wednesday........ 9AM - 5PM
Thursday........ 9AM - 5PM
Friday........ 9AM - 5PM
Sat........ CLOSED
Sun........ CLOSED